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Violinist Chieh-Wei Chang
Violinist Chieh-Wei Chang has abundant experiences in teaching as well as solo and chamber music. Mr. Chang has acted as a concert master and is currently the founder of the premier Taiwan classical music website http://t-classical.com

The purpose of learning music is not necessarily to become a musician, and you don’t have to be able to play the piano in order to learn violin. The goal of learning music should be simple, to bring you a joy and help you understand music in other areas of life. Let us cultivate an elegant perspective in life and enjoy a wonderful hobby.

─────Chieh-Wei Chang


Three Directions of Basic Teaching from Violinist Chien-Wei Chang

Three Directions of Basic Teaching from Violinist Chien-Wei Chang

1. Emphasis on the Foundamental skill

Do not underestimate the basic violin learning textbooks and pieces. No matter what age a person starts to learn the violin, a person’s violin skill will often stymie without good foundation regardless of how many years of practice and hard work. A student must focus on the numerous basic details from the beginning. Teacher Chang had received rigorous basic trainings under his mentors throughout his violin learning process, and his discipline will be reflected in his teaching.

2. Intonation Training

The hardest thing about violin is that there is no physical keyboard to look at like the piano. Sound distinction and intonation are the key basic factors that can determine whether a student will be able to play great music, and these skills should not be overlooked.

3. Cultivation of Musicality

It’s difficult to train a person to be musical using the mundane teaching methods. An important aspect of Teacher Chang’s training method is the heuristic and imaginative guidance.

Amateur Enthusiasts

Regardless of age, amateur enthusiasts are welcome to contact Teacher Chang about the violin lessons. If necessary, Teacher Chang can loan a violin (4/4) to novice students free of charge.

Music Examinees

Prospective music examinees who wish to tryout for music classes, music departments, or foreign music schools can contact Teacher Chang, and he will assist you to make the best preparations.

Professional Music Department Students

Students from the various music departments are welcome to contact Teacher Chang, who looks forward to share his experiences and good advices with you.

Class location:
1. Datong District, Taipei City (Near Zhongshan MRT Station).
2. Sapporo City ,Japan

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Joint Concert

Joint Concert

Mr. Chang will hold a concert with his students as a requirement at least once a year. Music should be shared to everyone. Mr. Chang encourages people to bring out their musicality in playing the violin with confidence on the stage. One of our goals is to produce future violinists who can create beautiful music together.


Violinist/Chieh-Wei Chang


Born in Taipei, Mr. Chang started learning violin at the age of four. Thereafter, he was taught by Shu-De Li and was instructed by a well-known violinist, Nai-Yuan Hu who won the first prize in Queen Elisabeth Competition in 1985 for a long time. Mr. Chang was the only student taught by Shu-De Li when he studied at the Guangren Catholic Elementary School and the Kuang Jen Catholic High School and received exceptional grades.

Mr. Chang than entered the National Taiwan University of Arts. During this study period, he assumed the position of concert master for two years and led the orchestra to achieve quite a few performances. Mr. Chang won 1st prize in a concerto competition, and also performed Sibelius violin concerto solo with the symphony orchestra for the Taiwan University of Arts in the cultural center of Taipei County. In 1999, Mr. Chang won 1st prize in Taipei county violin competition and 2nd prize in Taiwan national violin competition.

Subsequently, Mr Chang was the first one to graduate from the string department with honors. from the National Taiwan University of Arts. In 2000, he participated in the entrance audition for the Taipei National University of the Arts with only two admission slots, and was successfully accepted by the Taipei National University of the Arts.

During his school time, Mr. Chang has received numerous awards of excellence in solo concerto from competitions held by the Taipei National University of the Arts, and performed Paganini caprice and played violin solo with the Orchestra of Taipei University of the Art. With outstanding grades, Mr. Chang served as the concert master of orchestra for two years and concert master for the opening ceremony concerts held by the Taipei National University of the Arts. Mr. Chang has also performed with renowned conductor Lu-Shao Shia and pianist Kong-Kuan Chen.

After his graduation, Mr. Chang won a scholarship to New York for advanced studies. In the United States, he trained under Lucie Robert at the Mannes Musical College, worked with member of Orion String Quartet, and continued learning from violinist Nei-Yuan Hu.

During the college period, Mr. Chang has actively participated in chamber music, Baroque Orchestra, and solo performances. He has performed in various concert halls, churches, and art centers in New York. He has also received a scholarship to attend the Aspen Music Festival and obtained the qualification to attend performances by the AAC Orchestra, which only recruits brilliant musicians from Asia.

After returning to Taiwan, in addition to become involved in teaching and performing, Mr. Chang has taken advantage of his expertise in website design and music to establish a website with the goal of introducing outstanding musicians in Taiwan and Asia to the world. The name of the website is Taiwan Classical Music Net ( www.t-classical.com ). The Taiwan Classical Music Net now has 50,000 members domestically and abroad as well as 90,000 Facebook fans. T-classical.com is one of the top visited website for people who are fond of classical music. Regarding to performance achievements, Mr. Chang has participated in different fields of music such as orchestra, jazz, pop music, and soundtrack production. Mr. Chang has also performed violin solo in the premier of modern musical opera produced by Peking Opera Master Hsing-Guo Wu and received favorable comments.



2008─2016 – Participated in numerous performances with various professional orchestras in Taiwan, such as the Taipei Philharmonic Orchestra, Yinqu Symphony Orchestra and Chorus, and Philharmonia Moments; and served as a judge in numerous violin competition and violin exams.
2015 – Held a Mitsuo Sinozaki violin method concert with sold-out seats and high acclaims.
2014 – Attend many musical events which hosted by Japan and Norway musical organization.
2012 – Performed solo and chamber music repertoire with cellist Chao-Lun Lu and Harpist Chia-Yuan Liang at the National Concert Hall with sold-out seats and high acclaims.
2011 – Held a Recital at the Taipei National Recital Hall with sold-out sets and high acclaims from experts.
2010 – Collaborated with Chinese Opera Master Hsing-Kuo Wu and performed solo violin, and received high acclaims by foreign experts.
2008 – ● Recital at the New York Mannes Concert Hall
● Graduated from Mannes College theNew School for Music with a Master’s Degree
● Founded the Taiwan Classical Music Net website (www.t-classical.com) and actively promoted Taiwanese musician events.
2006─2008 – Section violinist of the AAC Philharmonic.


2006 – Admitted into Mannes College the New School for Music with a scholarship.
2004 – Recital at the Performance Center of the Taipei National University of the Arts
2004 – Served as the concert master of the opening concert orchestra for the Taipei National University of the Arts Concert Hall and performed with Conductor Shao-Jia Lu and pianist Hong-Kuan Chen.
2003─2004 – Served as the concert master for the Taipei National University of the Arts Orchestra
2004 – Performed Saint-Saens Introduction and Rondo Capriccioso in a competition at the Taipei National University of the Arts performance center and won 1st prize.
2003 – Performed Paganini Caprices No. 24 in a competition at the Taipei National University of the Arts performance center and won 1st prize for the acoustic solo group.


1999─2001 – Served as the concert master of the Taiwan Arts Academy Orchestra
2001 – Winner of the Hsing Tian Kong Elite Award
2000 – ● 2nd prize, Taiwan National Violin Competition
● 1st prize, Taiwan University of Arts Concerto Competition
● Performed Sibelius Violin Concerto with the Taiwan University of Arts Orchestra
● Admitted in the Taipei University of the Arts after graduating from the National Taiwan University of the Arts.
1999年 – 1st prize, Taipei County violin competition

My growing-up and violin-playing history


In my life, I have met numerous wonderful teachers. They enabled my violin skills to gradually improve each day, and I want to pass on what I have learned throughout my life to students who wants to learn. I hope my students can find their happiness to life through music and most importantly, I want to help my students to continue to improve.



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Class location:
Datong District, Taipei City (Near Zhongshan MRT Station)
Shanghai China
Sapporo City ,Japan


Youtube Channel:https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCAwN0ZstsyrtH-2NrejnrlA


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